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When I was 19 years old, I left India’s vibrant artistic culture for the United States, where I pursued my passion for art and interior design. As I traveled to countries around the world and experienced their distinctive design traditions, I developed a unique, global, eclectic sense of style that informs every design I create. At Avantte, I recognize that combining the traditional and the surprising only makes an already beautiful space that much more captivating. My mantra at Avantte, A boutique design firm, is that my clients’ needs come first. We will work together to develop a design that tells your unique story and fits your desires for your space. Whether we’re working with colorful patterns or monochrome styles, Avantte will curate a beautiful blend of stylistic elements and tasteful accents to bring your design together into something truly special. With compassion, discernment, and a dynamic approach, I look forward to working with you to create your perfect space!


Timeless, with a touch of the unexpected!

Our Services

Chess Piece | Full Scale Design | Avantte Interior Design

Full scale interior design

It is for the client whose dream is of a luxury design experience and is ready for a turnkey solution, a stunning concept that resonates with who you are, project management, guidance in their investment, procurement to flawless execution and the final wow moment!! The unveiling 🙂

Designer for the Day | Avantte Interior Design

Designer for the Day

Up to 5 hours
For that client who is looking to get ideas, space plan, furniture selections, guidance with budget planning, suggestions in paint story, artwork, accents, finishes, fabrics etc and more, just ask!

Virtual Interior Design | Avantte Interior Design

Virtual Design

For clients that are looking to get design help virtually, we look at pictures of your space, rely on you for measurements (of course we guide you through that). We then create floor plans, 3 D renderings for the space, furnishing selections, color palette based on your needs. We send you over the shop links to purchase and install.

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How It Works

Whether your need is to address a full house, one area at a time, or a commercial space, Avantte offers full-service interior Design services, from consulting on interior space, advising on a kitchen and bathroom renovations, to selections on furnishings, fixtures, floor coverings, window treatments, art, paint color and accessories.  We are experts in cohesive and curated design concepts, fabric selections, color story, budget management and achieving inspiring, measurable outcomes.After our initial discovery call, we will meet for a consult to look at the space, furnishings to be included, review your design goals, go over any drawings and come up with a budget on the fly based on your input and goals and quote a design fee or a proposal. Alternatively, sometimes we propose an exploratory phase proposal to obtain all relevant info need to arrive at a more informed number for the investment on Design. We will then engage in a Letter of Agreement clearly defining the scope of work, design Goals, agreed upon investment and basic meetings and project timeline.We will then create and present concepts including space plan and design options after which we will begin placing orders pulling it all together!! Working together with clients, architects, builders, contactors and other trusted vendors to ensure a streamlined and positive client experience is our mission and motto. At the end of the project, our clients have only one thing to do and that is to enjoy the space that has been created specifically and only for them through trust, meaningful and intentional collaboration and authenticity.
Door Handle, Blue Door | Avantte Interior Design
Bronze Handle, Green Door | Avantte Interior Design
Golden Mesh Net | Avantte Interior Design
Japanese Door Knobs | Avantte Interior Design
blue door with gold knob | Avantte Interior Design
Photo of a Green Crystal | Avantte Interior Design

At Avantte, expect a touch of the unexpected as we blend and challenge modern and classical sensibilities, mixing textures, layer styles, bold pieces, and colors to create a space that tells your unique story.

Overhead Shot of a Porcelain Flower Vase on Book | Avantte Interior Design
Black and Blue Artwork | Avantte Interior Design
Design Anthology Book | Avantte Interior Design
Light Bulb Chandelier | Avantte Interior Design
passion book with sunflower | Avantte Interior Design
Two Brown Chinese Guardian Lions Figures on Table Top | Avantte Interior Design

At Avantte, expect a touch of the unexpected as we blend and challenge modern and classical sensibilities, mixing textures, layer styles, bold pieces, and colors to create a space that tells your unique story.

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Geeti Kapoor | Avantte Interior Design

My early years were spent in India where I grew up surrounded by a centuries old culture, saturated with vibrant colors, a very rich heritage, amazing architecture, opulent fabrics, artwork, artfully crafted precious stone jewellery, all of which awakened my senses for luxurious design.

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