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Growing up in India surrounded by a millennia-old culture saturated with vibrant colors and intricate artwork, opulent fabrics and architecture, and lavish jewelry handcrafted in precious stones and gold sparked the foundation of my design passion. Throughout my early life, this rich artistic world awakened and cultivated my senses of luxury, vitality, and brilliance that carry through in my designs.

Moving to the US at age 19, I had the privilege and the inclination to travel, absorbing everything from the design communities of Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. What I found within each culture was a distinct aesthetic, rhythm, and flavor, which only increased my wanderlust. You can see the influence of global art, fragrances, fabrics, music, and aesthetics in my approach.

All this to say, the style at Avantte boutique design firm is global. It’s eclectic. It incorporates colors, dimensions, shapes, and textures—I strive to bring what inspires and excites me to every project. At Avantte, I recognize that combining the traditional and the surprising only makes an already beautiful space that much more captivating.

With a discerning eye and a dynamic approach, I look forward to working with your space in any style, from traditional European or Eastern antiques to mid-century modern or contemporary! My goal is to understand your specific personality and vision and to create a space that tells your unique story with a beautiful blend of aesthetic elements. The mantra at Avantte is that clients’ needs come first where, together, we can make the most of a fun, collaborative, and inclusive design process that nurtures self-expression and creativity.

Geeti Kapoor | Avantte Interior Design
Geeti Kapoor and Sons | Avantte Interior Design

I am blessed with two amazing boys who are out in the world writing their own stories now, and I am always excited to bring the same compassion and empathy to my business that I bring to my relationships with them. I am honored by my clients’ trust in me as we work together to make their spaces reflective of themselves: stylish, unpretentious, and always with a touch of the unexpected.

Timeless, with a touch of the unexpected!


Geeti has been handling my interior design needs for years, and has beautifully transformed many of the rooms in my home. She has consistently created refined, functional spaces that do not clash with our young families daily activities. From concept to implementation, she has my full confidence!

Stephanie Guarneri

Geeti is an extremely accomplished designer. Her style is eclectic which allows her to cater to her client’s needs in various ways. Be it contemporary, traditional or mid-century modern she is deft at all of them. We have been working with her on and off for almost eight years on various projects in our home and have thoroughly benefitted from her vast knowledge and command over various styles. Geeti is a good listener and seldom pushes her clients in one direction but rather finds ways to adjust to their needs and budget. She has uncanny ability to see the big picture allowing her to tie together various rooms in your home at one time and creating a genuine flow. We would highly recommend her for your designer needs.

Ravi & Surabhi Dhwan

I have worked with Geeti for over two years now. She has an impeccable eye for color and design. Geeti has an ability to create a space that is exactly my style and fits my family needs as well. All of my rooms she has created have been one of a kind. I have also come to know and trust her as a friend. I look forward to working with her in the future on many more projects!

Meg Poth

It’s our pleasure to recommend Geeti Kapoor to you. We met Geeti almost 5 years ago and her sense of style was immediately apparent. She carries it with her as she floats through the space, gathering options that she presents enthusiastically, while never imposing her will. She listens carefully to your thoughts and then returns with as many choices that are needed until it feels just right for you! She designed every aspect of our new home. Much was entirely new, but she also updated and enhanced our current furnishings, so that everything tied together. My husband and I were totally comfortable with Geeti and sometimes challenged by her suggestions. It was the perfect combination and the result is a home that we love, that is both comfortable and beautiful. We could never have done it without her!

Faye & Tom Kuhn

We have worked with Geeti for a few years now and she is extremely talented. She has helped us choose furniture, window treatments, rugs, accessories and paint colors for many rooms in our new home. Geeti has a great eye and takes the time to get to know her clients and what their tastes are. She walks into a room and knows just what it needs and where it should go. Her color selections are fantastic. Geeti is very approachable and responsive and makes her clients feel at ease immediately. We look forward to working with Geeti again!

Linda and Tony

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Geeti Kapoor | Avantte Interior Design

My early years were spent in India where I grew up surrounded by a centuries old culture, saturated with vibrant colors, a very rich heritage, amazing architecture, opulent fabrics, artwork, artfully crafted precious stone jewellery, all of which awakened my senses for luxurious design.

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